My Internet Hotspot Companion At My Favorite Hangouts

A bit exaggerated, yes, but it has some partial truths to it. Our work relies on it. Our school homeworks depend on it. And as for me? Perhaps PGG, this blog, wouldn’t be existing without the Internet. After all, everything seems to be online and in the cloud these days.

Being connected anytime and anywhere has become a must for bloggers, freelancers, online entrepreneurs and even most people like you and me who are into Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We have become digital nomads, hopping from one coffee shop to another, hoping that there is some stable WiFi or strong LTE signal that could help us work, watch YouTube videos and help us get through our day.

That being said, we can’t simply use our mobile data most of the time. It can either drain our phone’s battery when we use it as a personal hotspot, or exceed our monthly data cap limit. And so, we need another option or an equally good alternative. Thankfully, I discovered a useful and new service that will guarantee a stable and reliable WiFi hotspot that is available at major establishments and key locations nationwide.

Meet GoWiFi.

GoWiFi is a public hotspot that gives you free Internet daily for a limited duration to check your Facebook, Instagram and social media pages, read email, watch YouTube videos and download files up to a speed of 100mbps. The free Internet is ad-supported and it disconnects after some idle time. You will find its access point by looking for the SSID: @FreeGoWiFi or <site name>_FreeGoWiFi ( e.g AyalaMalls_FreeGoWiFi) at your favorite malls and coffee shops nationwide.

However, for more serious and savvy users like me who would like an uninterruped, no-advertisement hotspot service, a premium version of GoWiFi is available at key locations too. It has an SSID of @GoWiFi_Auto and is also available at your favorite malls, coffee shops and other popular establishments.

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